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The conservatory

What is the art of development? It is the combination of passion, skill, experience, courage, and hard work. It is what you strive for every day as you work to make the world a better place.

At the Conservatory, we believe you work or invest in development because you want to make a difference. You want African cocoa farmers to earn a fair price for a high quality, marketable product. You want girls to go to school and dream about leading their countries.

So do we.

And that’s where the Conservatory comes in; helping you make a difference - as a leader, team member, advocate.

Organizations that invest more than average in enhancing the skills of their people out-perform the market by 45 percent and have returns that are 86 percent higher. The need to invest in training is clear.

Why should you choose the Conservatory?

1) The Conservatory is designed for development and business professionals who know their field but want to excel in leadership, communications, planning, sustainable investment and more. It has been created to help you bring out the best in yourself and others and lead your team in achieving success. Our goal is to help you make the best use of talent and resources.

2) We have brought together the best development trainers we can find. They are professionals - passionate practitioners like you, who understand effective development and sustainable investment. And as important, they are dynamic, entertaining trainers who love to share their knowledge.

3) We have worked for the same organizations you do - multilateral and bilateral development agencies, development banks, NGOs, governments, and global corporations everywhere. We understand where you are and where you want to be.

On this site, learn about some of our courses and faculty. We also offer customized training at the location of your choice. The Conservatory team can conduct a training needs assessment and offer follow-up coaching.

Join our conversations on:

  • The role of business in a post 2015 development agenda
  • Identifying impactful public-private partnership development models in the area of youth empowerment, food security and women's leadership