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What We Do

Our Mission

AboutCoxswain Social Investment Plus (CSI+) is an international consulting firm dedicated to creating investments in sustainable development. At CSI+ we define sustainability as “Development with Common Sense”.

We understand the development needs of today. We also understand the private sector’s bottom line. CSI+ is passionate about bringing these together to create meaningful social impact.

We are committed to supporting the social and economic development of emerging economies through the consulting services we provide to our clients and the partnerships we create between stakeholders.

Our Mission at CSI+ is to provide consulting services of the highest quality standards using a tailored approach that meets the specific needs of our clients with the aim of achieving good development practice for sustainable investments.

Our Services

Our Services can be categorised into three main areas: Research and Analysis, Project Design and Management, and Evaluating & Communicating Impact

Our Expertise

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our work explores the various facets of development including health, education, environment, economics and governance. Our staff and network of over 300 consultants have expertise in a wide range of development areas and management skills.

Our Geographical Focus

While we have a global portfolio, our expertise is on the African continent where our company was created in 2005 and has since worked in nearly all countries in Africa. A large part of our network of over 300 consultants is based in Africa.