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What guides us

At CSI+ we adhere to a set of principles that applies to all clients and any engagement.


We apply rigor and commitment to all our assignments, regardless of duration or complexity. We believe in meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.


We commit to not wasting valuable resources - be it time, money or people. We are dedicated to using existing networks, tools, systems, and information to provide better value for our clients.


We believe in partnerships and their added value. We believe that properly crafted partnerships provide win-win situations.

Social impact

We are committed to helping bring about social change through viable and sustainable development efforts. Social impact expressed in a variety of forms ranging from improved livelihoods, healthier living or economic opportunity is at the heart of our offerings.

Cultural sensitivity

CSI+ recognizes the importance of integrating local customs, cultures, and dynamics in the working environment. We work extensively with local experts and emerging talent. In addition, our Tunis regional office is staffed with a specialist in inter-cultural management, who informs our project design and training approaches.

Tailor made approach

We strongly believe that effective support requires a tailored approach aimed at meeting the exact needs of our clients. This often entails creativity, flexibility and adaptability – values that are critical pillars in the approach we take to the services we provide. This is our the “Plus” we bring.

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