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Youth Empowerment

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CSI+ is committed to working with development models that work and that have demonstrated results.

In an effort to invest in models that work, CSI+ helped to start off an NGO in Nigeria called the Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI) YEDI is the NGO umbrella of CSI+. It is our incubator for implementing tried and tested successful development models in Nigeria.

YEDI is created in the spirit of not re-inventing the wheel and not creating new development approaches but instead on capitalizing on development investments already made and lessons being learned.

YEDI's first program is currently implemented in Lagos State with very good uptake and success. The program dubbed "Grazrutsoka" is adapting a highly effective football for development model to the Nigeria context. Our international NGO partner, Grassrootsoccer (GRS) has for almost a decade successfully used the power of football to educate, inspire, and mobilize communities to stop the spread of HIV, malaria and other diseases and provide children and youths in disadvantaged communities with life and coping skills.

Through this particular program YEDI envisages, not only to do health prevention but has the ambition to be a unique platform for youths by providing them with the necessary skills to be competitive in the job market and develop their entrepreneurship skills in order to increase economic opportunities and reduce poverty and unemployment.


CSI+ works extensively on sports for development as an approach with the potential for significant impact among young people.


Published a study finding that football programs are uniquely successful in preventing the spread of HIV. The study, "Using Football for HIV/AIDS Prevention in Africa," was conducted in the months leading up to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The question for the researchers was, "Football has tremendous convening power, but do football-based programs really make a difference in preventing HIV?" According to the study, the answer is unequivocally - yes.

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Led FIFA baseline surveys in Ghana and Rwanda. CSI's local and international teams designed and carried out a baseline survey for sports for development programing in Ghana and Rwanda. The assessment included in-person surveys, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews. CSI's assessment team focused particularly on girls' participation as girls have traditionally been under-served in sports programming in Africa. After analyzing the findings, CSI+ made a series of recommendations for program implementation and sustainability.

SoccerValidated the joint Monitoring and Evaluation tool for Acumen, Laureus and Streetfootballworld to better measure the impact of sports for development programmes. CSI+ is working to validate and implement a new joint M&E tool called InFocus aimed at improving better measurement of results and impact among sports for development partners.

CSI+ provides training at the adidas Exchange Programme in Ghana. Within the framework of the adidas Exchange Programme West Africa, CSI+ led an organizational development workshop for 13 streetfootballworld network members from 10 West African countries. Members of streetfootballworld – a social profit organisation that links relevant actors in the field of Development through Football – gathered not only to enhance their football coaching methods, but to improve their organisational development skills.

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