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Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognises the importance of Nigeria

CSI+ has been working in Nigeria for nearly a decade and has since 2011 had a regional office in Lagos, Nigeria. From there we have been guiding new entrants to the Nigerian market that –with more than 170 million people – is quite complex. Our focus continues to be on agriculture, environment, education, job-creation, skills-transfer, youth empowerment and training with emphasis on CSR and sustainability in supply chains and operations.

Through our non-profit arm – Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative  (YEDI)  - more than 20,000 Nigerian children and youth have benefited from a range of social and development projects developed in collaboration with such prominent organizations as ExxonMobil, MAC Aids Fund and Novartis.

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  • The role of business in a post 2015 development agenda
  • Identifying impactful public-private partnership development models in the area of youth empowerment, food security and women's leadership