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Gaël Lescornec

Gaël serves the role as our Regional Director based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has over 13 years experience of experience in international development and excels in HIV/AIDS strategies and policies implemented in Southern Africa.

She has lived and worked in South Africa for over ten years, building an extensive network of clients such as UNAIDS, the WHO, the WorldBank and the European Union.

Before joining the CSI team, Ms. Lescornec spent several years as lead advisor to consultancies on HIV/AIDS strategy, results-based management and technical working groups in South Africa. While with CIDA’s South Africa office, Ms. Lescornec crafted their HIV development strategy and identified priority funding areas within the region. Her work there built on her previous work with the Technical Support Facility of Southern Africa, where Ms. Lescornec facilitated trainings on results-based management in six southern African nations. This assignment also saw her leading regional workshops on the efficacy of such measures in the context of HIV prevention and services.

Prior to working with the Technical Support facility, Ms. Lescornec spent several years with UNAIDS, both within the region and abroad at their Secretariat headquarters in Geneva. There she developed communications materials and provided strategic support to UNagencies, governments and NGOs on their efforts to respond to HIV/AIDS related emergencies. Over the several years she spent in this capacity, Ms. Lescornec worked in over twenty sub-Saharan countries.

Ms. Lescornec holds a Master’s Degree in Development Studies from the London School of Economics. In addition to her native English, Ms. Lescornec is also fluent in French.

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